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We are a real estate appraisal firm serving the western slope of Colorado.  Our appraisers are state licensed, bonded, and insured.  They have extensive knowledge of the area and have access to resources and data to ensure the appraisal reports provided to clients are supported and verified.

We have Certified Residential Appraisers as well as FHA Certified appraisers on staff, which assures our customers that we are continuing education courses and completing required certifications.  Resumes are available upon request.

Western Rockies Appraisals is based in Grand Junction, CO, and has been serving western Colorado for 5 years.  Originally the western slope branch of Real Estate Evaluations (aka Town and Country Appraisals), Western Rockies Appraisals is incorporated in Colorado and is a licensed business.

Please contact us:

Western Rockies Appraisals
PO Box 3224
Grand Junction, CO 81502
970-241-7031 (phone)

References are available from our extensive client base.

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